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This page details all the information regarding your student concert.  If I’ve missed anything and you have any questions then please drop me an email.


Sunday 8th July 2018.


2pm - 3pm.

Please arrive a few minutes early so we can start promptly as I have only hired the hall until 4pm and will need to tidy up and pack everything away afterwards.


Arborfield Village Hall

Eversley Road

Arborfield Cross



Parking is limited.  There is space for about 15 cars but we might need to double park a few to squeeze all of those in.  Alternatively, there are spaces on some of the roads nearby.

Please also be aware that the Health and Safety requirements mean we have to leave space for emergency vehicles to be able to drive right around the building so please make sure you don’t block access.


I’ve assumed everyone will be bringing two guests.  Please let me know if you want to bring more.

The hall has capacity for 75 people seated plus 25 standing so there will be room for a few extra guests but please be aware that some may need to stand.


I’m planning on running the concert in two halves so there will be an opportunity to get refreshments at the interval.  While people are playing I’d appreciate it if everyone is quiet and respectful as most of the students are likely to be a bit on the nervous side!


If your guitar or ukulele plugs in, please make sure you have the appropriate battery in it (usually a 9V square battery).  If yours doesn’t plug in, then it will be close-mic’d (i.e. I’ll put a microphone in front of it).  


Any contributions towards the hire of the hall will be welcome!  I’ll leave a contributions box out somewhere on the day.


Try to enjoy it!  You’re performance time will pass by much faster than you might think!